Identity & Insignia



The name Bodhicariya is composed of two Pali root words, “BODHI” meaning Wisdom and “CARIYA” meaning the cultivation of. Therefore Bodhicariya is not just a school for acquiring knowledge, but also a place for cultivation of wisdom. Since inception, the school has put tremendous emphasis on the moral aspects of education to produce worthy students who are additionally aware of the moral and ethical aspects of their actions.


The school motto Atta Dipa Bhava means “Be a lamp unto yourself” and is taken from the last sermon of the Buddha. The motto urges the students to be their own guiding force through wisdom. It recognises that, while the teachers are there for guidance, it is ultimately the students who must  put in the right effort in order to be worthy and wise.



The school logo is made of the Bodhi leaf symbolising wisdom with the Dhamma Chakra, symbolising continuity.


The school prayer remembers the various qualities of the Buddha and inspires the students to acquire those qualities and achieve wisdom.


The school uniform is a sky blue checked shirt with matching dark blue pants for the boys or skirt for the girls. All students must be properly dressed in tidy school uniforms.

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